On Time

I am with my soul mate. For 2 and a half years I have known and now I am knowing him.  On June 20-21 we found Love in, around and between each other and we have been growing together since then. Jeffery and I are on The Way and following our desires to make art and music and fulfill our potential.

We have begun work on a few interrelated projects, one being a MOBILE SANCTUARY where we play with the concept of space, emotional space, defining space and changing space.  It is a timeless activity that really connects me to other dimensions, and this project clearly portrays how our emotions create our experience.  When we build space and call it sanctuary, with the most Loving intentions, God, by Her Holy Spirit moves mountains in the souls of people willing to move and be moved by the space.

I have finally recovered from a long weekend of timelessness.

The Art installation that Jeffrey and I have been creating and experimenting with is essentially material and rope and with that we play with space and time.

For the Blue Moon festivities at Hanlan’s Point we were prepared with lessons from the previous weekend at FIGMENT Participatory art festival and the desire to share this experience with our friends.

We were chasing the sun as it was setting on the far side of the island…late…late? We kept reminding ourselves that everything is in perfect time and perfect order and we are learning and growing with each breath, step, feeling flowing through. As we walked across the island, there was a storm coming in from the west.

When we arrived at the beach there was a very large group of people around a large fire.  Laughter bounced up into the fresh dusk air like the embers from the fire.  The winds were picking up so we decided to build the tent first before going to the fire.  As we put our things inside the tent we paused, grateful for the completion of our journey to the party and an opportunity alone before encountering our large group, including some people who we had emotional baggage with.  We ate some grapes and then the rain began.

He went to find the dog. I tucked the rest of our things into the tent and held it down against the growing winds.  We were at the edge of a very serious storm.  After 15 minutes I realized I had to leave the tent and go to the fire.  I ensured it wouldn’t blow away…at least not far and I took my scarf off my shoulders so the rain could refresh my skin.  The winds were so strong I had to push my way through space, making it a longer journey to the fire and my hair was whipping around my head obstructing my view, as I approached I saw a friend, Jeffery’s previous partner, whom I had not seen since Jeff and I began spending time together.  She was aware I had feelings for him and that there was something special between us, but still, being young and often dramatic, as I was when I was that age, I wasn’t sure how the encounter would go, but God is merciful.  It was a swirling storm around us, she saw me and put down her bag and guitar, came over to me with a smile and we hugged. We noted we hadn’t seen each other since OM and since…(insert knowing smiles here) She asked me how I was, I said “amazing”.  We took in the winds and the rain and the storm as we both felt swept into a timeless moment of truth and Love. I asked her how she was she said “Good”. We allowed our hearts to be lifted and carried in the wind, allowing the change, the big change.  “it’s Perfect” Of course.  She, with her group of friends then went to take shelter at another location on the island and I went closer to the fire and took my place opposite my soul mate, staring into his eyes, into eternity.

Later that evening I walked alone to the water to gaze at the moon, as clouds rolled past it, and a friend, who I betrayed, walked out and joined me for a beautiful connection that opened a portal to heaven and brought us all closer to Love.  Love of self, Forgiveness of others, Love of others, Forgiveness of self, Love of God, Love of self….The forgiveness and the TRUTH opened the sky, the clouds parted, the moon was gracing light on the Love we were sharing.  Our friends at the fire responded to that light, that Love with howls and cheers, we felt heaven on earth, timelessness and our capacity to sustain it is near.

Jeffrey and I are going to be creating space for a 48hr VIGIL for Our Rights and Freedoms this weekend. The Mobile Human Rights Sanctuary.  This project will bring together my political, artistic and spiritual work.  I am very excited for this experience, it’s here in perfect time and perfect order.