On key

by oneveronica

Music and art can create a portal to and from the heavenly realms.

I have been learning and growing my voice again recently, and since finishing up an intense 3 months of serious political activism my musicality has given me a direct line to healing.

So much of my time working on the political is also about learning how to improve our collective capacity to learn, engage and apply truth.  I see more and more people getting into harmony with the Truth of what government IS and the Truth about the wide implications of self-responsibility.  It has been encouraging.

I spent the summer solstice at a music festival where there is a safe space for feeling all feelings, processing, challenging and growing.  In the end I was relieved to discover that although I still hold fear of judgement and ridicule, and isolation, it is not as dense or as large a fear inside my soul as it was.  I have cleared some of that fear pack out!

As I spend the summer focused mostly on art and music making I am looking forward to sharing all these emotions creatively.